The Consequences and Costs of Fast Fashion

     One of the main reasons why Remixd Clothing exists is to create well made clothing in a slow and thoughtful way-- so counter cultural to how we see the majority of today's fashions produced.

     Fashion is meant to bring joy, a stirring of creativity, and excitement. There are few things better than buying a beautiful garment that one absolutely loves. Unfortunately many times the process in which the garments are produced are horrendous, much less beautiful.

     We wanted to share this video we stumbled across from Teen Vogue that so effectively explains the problems of fast fashion in 5 and a half minutes. Please share if you have a heart to educate on this topic, but find it hard to explain in simple ways like we do sometimes.

We believe in "good vibes only" clothing, and hope to share more of our process and thoughts with you soon.

With love,


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