Blue Culottes Remixd Clothing

     Call it grandiose if you may: At Remixd Clothing ®, we want to see tangible change and transformation in what we currently recognize as the fashion industry. Our mission is to bring out the beauty and original intentions of what clothing and fashion was meant to be- creative, inspiring, joyful, and a gift to this earth as well as the people who live on it.

     Our designs are produced locally in New York City's garment district in small batches. Materials include post consumer clothing that we use as raw materials, and new organic and sustainable textiles. Fabrics may also include first quality mill overruns or designer excess-- this means stock has been over produced by a manufacturer or overbought by a design company and are sold off as to not to go to waste.

     We believe in life; for workers, customers, and the environment. Through every step of the design and production process, we take into consideration the impact on the ecosystem and do our best to make positive decisions.

     We hope you enjoy and cherish our garments as much as we do!